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WFG-80 Eight-Way Wi-Fi Lighting and General Purpose Controller

WFG-80 8-Way Wi-Fi Lighting and General Purpose Controller

Obsolete - please use WFG-82 or WFG-84


With this module you can use our free Tower Operator App to control eight LED or filament lamps by tapping a symbol on the custom layout map you build on your Windows 10 or Android computer or tablet. You can control single lights or group the outputs to control 2-Light or 3-Light Signals by tapping the symbol on your layout map.

This Wi-Fi Lighting and General Purpose Controller provides Wi-Fi Control of eight LED or grain-of-wheat lamps. This product is useful when you have a group of up to eight lights fairly close together. If you have more than eight lights in fairly close proximity you can use a second Lighting and General Purpose Controller. Full Description and Specification   Read the Quick Start Document   Read the Full Manual  

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WFS-80 8-Way Wi-Fi Lighting and General Purpose Controller

This module can be easily installed on any scale model railroad where there is a requirement to operate up to eight LED or low power incandescent lamps using our free Tower Operator App that runs on Windows 10 and Android.

Use it to control individual lights in buildings, platforms, freight yards, street lamps etc. Use outputs in groups to control colored light signals.

Versatile current drive capability can control most small LEDs and incandescent lamps using track or separate power.

Fully compatible with DCC systems. Can use power from DCC Booster, DC or DCC supply from track or separate DC supply.

WFG-80 8-Way Wi-Fi Lighting and General Purpose Controller. Preliminary Specifications.


Length: 80mm (3.15") Width: 50mm (1.97") Maximum Height: 15mm (0.59")

Functions and Modes of Operation

Installs on your layout to provide direct Wi-Fi control of LEDs or Grain-of Wheat Lamps using our Tower Operator App on Android or Windows 10.

Provides individual on/off control of eight 2-wire outputs and dimmer control of two banks of 4 each.

Series resistors provided on unit switchable in or out using links provided.

Power Supply Options

12 to 18 Volts DC independent power, wired to screw teminals on unit. This unit does not operate using AC.
Power supplied from NMRA Compatible DCC Booster may be used as alternative to DC.

Output Current Capability

70mA Maximum per channel. Assuming all channels on continuously.
Any one individual output can withstand short circuit for up to one minute.


Eight pairs of screw terminal outputs to connect to LEDs or low power incandescent lamps.
Two screw terminal connections for DC or DCC power.


Four M3 mounting holes for use with screws, nuts and spacers, or suitable wood screws with spacers.