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WDMI-35 Wi-Fi/DCC Locomotive Interface Module

WDMI-35 Wi-Fi/DCC Locomotive Interface Module

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You can install this Wi-Fi/DCC Interface in many HO scale locomotives together with your choice of DCC Decoder. This module provides DCC signals to the decoder under control from your tablet or smartphone over Wi-Fi using one of our Apps. All you need on the track is DC power.

But if you have DCC on your track, the unit will respond to that as well!.

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WDMI-35 Wi-Fi/DCC Locomotive Interface Module

This module can be installed within many DCC-Ready HO scale model locomotives to provide Wi-Fi control of a DCC Decoder installed in the locomotive. It is compatible with NMRA compliant decoders.

You can then drive the locomotive using our Loco Operator app (Version 3+) or you can use one of our DCCIP Send modules with your existing DCC command station.

You can also control the locomotive using DCC supplied to the track so that the locomotive may run normally on a DCC layout in addition to its Wi-Fi control.

Functions such as lighting and sound are all controllable from Loco Operator via Wi-Fi.

The WDMI-35 provides programming capability via Wi-Fi in service or operational mode. It does not need to be placed on a programming track.

The unit has a socket to which a Capacitive Power Maintenance module may be connected. This provides up to 5 seconds of running when the locomotive runs over dirty track or dead frogs etc. Our CPM-10 Capacitive Power Maintenance module is available separately.

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WDMI-35 Wi-Fi/DCC Locomotive Interface Module

Preliminary Specification - Subject to change until product is released for sale.


Length: 48mm (1.89") Width: 18mm (0.71") Maximum Height: 5.5mm (0.22") (Height excluding pins)

Functions and Modes of Operation

Installs in your locomotive to provide direct Wi-Fi controlled Bipolar DCC to your choice of DCC decoder.

Output Ratings

Maximum Continuous Current: 1.0 Amp.

Power Supply Options

(1) 12 to 18 Volts DC track power. This unit does not operate using AC.
(2) Power supplied from NMRA Compatible DCC Booster may be used as alternative to DC. The WDMI-35 will respond to bipolar DCC signals on its power input from the track.


Plugs into the NMRA 8-Pin DCC-Ready socket in your locomotive.


8-Pin NMRA DCC-Ready male pins. Unit receives track power or bipolar DCC. Unit outputs Motor, Headlight, Rearlight and Common light signals as provided by your DCC decoder.
8-Pin NMRA DCC-Ready female socket. Unit supplies bipolar DCC on track pins (dummy rails). Unit receives Motor, Headlight, Rearlight and Common light signals as provided by your DCC decoder
2-Pin JST connector for connection of WifiTrax Capacitive Power Maintenance module to provide better performance over dirty track, dead frogs etc.

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